Muffin mixes are so easy to use, anyone can make them in a minimal amount of time.

Product Description

Baker’s Wonder French crumb muffin mix is a basic mix which comes with a delicate streusal topping. While it can be made with water only, many users prefer to enrich the muffins by adding margarine, or oil, for parve muffins, and sour cream or butter for dairy.  To make fruit muffins, add baker’s wonder pie filling on batter before sprinkling crumbs. Let your imagination run wild and add apple turnover filling , chopped pecans and the streusal crumbs, or just sprinkle the crumbs and serve plain.Baker’s wonder french crumb muffin mix is a far less expensive alternative to frosen batter, and eliminates the need for costly, freezer storage.  So simple to make, anyone of your kitchen staff can do it.

PACK SIZE: 6 x 5 lb bags, or 50 lb multi wall bags.




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