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Product Description

Our GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE MIX is the perfect choice for a delicious, basic chocolate cake, which is great on its own, or as part of a layer cake. Bake sheets of our Gluten Free Yellow and Chocolate Cakes, and sandwich together with our Mousse Mix for a scrumptious and elegant cake.   A moist and soft cake sure to please Chocolate lovers everywhere.  Add nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit or white chips for that special touch.  All  varieties can be baked in cake pans, or in muffin tins for perfect cupcakes.

PACK SIZE: 40 lb bags, 6/4lb cases. Also available in Consumer  Pack Sizes of 12/14oz boxes per case.

Suggested options:

Schwartzvalde German style crème cake
Fill 8” round cake pans to half full. Slit baked cake evenly in center and fill cooled cake with generous amount of Baker’s Wonder vanilla mousse. Spread vanilla mousse on top and sides of cake, and top with chocolate shavings.

Sandwich Cake
Bake 2 thin chocolate sheet cakes and set aside to cool. Bake 4 sheets of puff pastry dough or flaky dough and spread with BAKER’S WONDER raspberry spread. Gently put one chocolate sheet on top of raspberry spread dough sheet, and cover with second raspberry spread dough sheet, jam side down. Repeat for second cake. Sprinkle top with Baker’s Wonder Donut sugar.

2 tone layer cake
Bake 2 thin sheet layers of yellow cake mix and 4 thin sheet layers of Baker’s Wonder chocolate cake mix. Spread Baker’s Wonder chocolate mousse on one chocolate layer, top with yellow sheet. Spread mousse on yellow and top with second chocolate layer. Spread top and sides of cake with mousse, and decorate with pastry comb.


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