Makes serving fresh, warm doughnuts a breeze, at a fraction of the cost of ready product.

Product Description


Kosher for Passover

We are excited to introduce our new DOUGHNUT MIX, to make real DOUGHNUTS, effortlessly and economically. Incredibly, Baker’s Wonder DOUGHNUT MIX tastes just like a yeast raised Doughnut! Quick and easy to make, Baker’s Wonder DOUGHNUT MIX makes serving fresh, warm DOUGHNUTS a breeze. With this mix, you can let your imagination run wild. Whether you fill with jelly, sprinkle with sugar, coat with chocolate, dip in sprinkles, you can now make delicious DOUGHNUTS, that will surely be a favorite, every time. For DOUGHNUTS like you’ve never seen before, just add liquids, go ahead, and fry doughnuts!

PACK SIZE: 6/5 lbs, 50 lb bulk bags or pack size of your choice



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