Make delicious gluten free cookies in minutes using Frozen Gluten Free Cookie Dough.

Product Description

Baker’s Wonder Frozen Dough is a revolutionary product, which will change the way pies are made.  Just roll out a piece of dough to fit your pan, fill with your filling of choice and bake for a pie in an instant. Easy to use, delicious in taste, and economical, Baker’s Wonder Frozen Dough can be used for cut out sugar cookies too. So simple to make, any kitchen employee can do this without the need for a baker. Corn free too.

Available in the following varieties:
• Vanilla Cookie Dough
• Chocolate Cookie Dough
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
• Honey Cookie Dough
• Sugar Free Vanilla Cookie Dough
• Sugar Free Chocolate Cookie Dough
• Pie Dough

PACK SIZE: 50 lb cubes or pails or 18 lb pails.



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